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Turning into a cat?

Sometimes I fear I am turning into a cat, but recently this concern has grown. Of course I paint cats, but then I drew myself as a cat (see the video here) and more worryingly I think that my ears are getting more pointed and I certainly have whiskers but now... cat shoes! and inside the cat shoes... cat feet! I may have gone past the point of no return, but would turning in to a cat be the worst thing after all?

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Sir Harold Hillier Gardens Exhibition

My exhibition at Sir Harold Hillier Gardens has now come to a close, but was an enjoyable one and I'm pleased to say successful too. Thank you to everyone who visited, I hope you enjoyed it too! For those of you who couldn't visit this time I thought I'd share a few pictures with you... We're now busy preparing for our next exhibition which will be the Hampshire Open Studios at the end of August. I'll let you know more details soon, Toni :)

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Out of the studio and in to the sun (shade!)

Judith and Claire are two of my dear friends who I see once a week to work alongside each other on various projects. It's great to have their company and to be able to share ideas with them. Usually we work in the studio, which due to its plastic roof is brilliant for light, however has been far too hot to work in during this beautiful weather, even with both the doors open! This week we have moved outside into the cooler shade in the garden. It's still pretty warm though, almost too warm to work at all...

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