Stuck In Stocksbridge

I really enjoyed my recent Stocksbridge exhibition, but not so much so that I never wanted leave, which almost happened...

I was just walking to my car, looking forward to relaxing with a cup of tea at home after a busy day, when I realised that someone had parked too close to my car and I couldn't get into it.

Ho hum... ah, I'll just climb over from the passenger side I thought. Foolproof, or so it would seem... Unfortunately I have recently injured my knee and found it more difficult than I thought to get into the drivers seat. It wasn't a simple hop over the gear stick that I had hoped, my mac caught on the chair as a I leapt across, twisting around me in the process, so when I landed on the seat I couldn't move. It took me over half an our to struggle free and drive off, what a kerfuffle!

You'd think that surely I would have learned my lesson, but no... Later on that evening I was telling my wife about the little incident, and she through it might be fun to take a photo to show you all how it happened. No harm in a staged photo surely? Oh how wrong I was... I ended up getting properly stuck, again! And not only that, even more stuck than the time before. My wife threatened to leave me there, entangled in the car. Luckily she stayed, and with the help of a chair, some rope and a neighbour I was released to tell the tale and provide you with a laugh or too, never to recreate again - or at least I hope not!